Santhie Goundar, Accountancy Age, Friday 3 September 2010 at 10:05:00

O'Sullivan tells his stories from 20 years working for the taxman in theMidlands and Wales

A former tax inspector has written a book about his time investigating taxavoiders and evaders.

The book, titled The Artful Tax Dodger: It?s your pocket they?repicking, has been written by John W O?Sullivan, who spent twenty yearsworking for HMRC investigating serious tax evasion and fraud throughout the WestMidlands and Central Wales.

Publishers Troubador has described the book as ?colloquial, anecdotal andirreverent in approach with a view to engaging, informing and hopefullyentertaining? and provides ?an ironic take? on the inequities of thelegislation, the idiosyncrasies of the administrative arrangements of thesystem, and the experiences and feelings of the functionaries who work within it".

The book will be published on 6 September and is available in hardback atú17.99. Further information concerning the author and his writing can be foundon the publisher?s website at: