Accountancy Age, Accountancy Age, Wednesday 25 August 2010 at 08:19:00

Booklets outlines rights

Gay and transgender taxpayers now have their own specialist tax guidance fromthe taxman after the publication of a 20-page booklet offering advice.

The booklet covers issued in income tax, national insurance, pensions and taxcredits.

A foreward by HMRC director general Mike Eland says: "Part of the HM Revenue& Customs vision is to provide a continuously improving customer service.This includes understanding the individual needs of our very differentcustomers.

"We are aware, for example, that the needs of transgender customers could behandled better and we?re looking at how we might achieve this. We also want toprovide our customers with the information they need to get things right."

Included in the advice is the information that national insurance is paidaccording to an acquired gender, providing the taxpayers has the rightcertification.

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