Kevin Reed, Accountancy Age, Wednesday 4 August 2010 at 10:42:00

Institute will lobby government to extend professional privilege to taxadvisers if courts fail to do so

Parliament will be lobbied to create legislation to give accountants legalprofessional privilege, if the courts fail to open the door for the profession.

Interviewed onAccountancyAge TV, ICAEW tax faculty technical manager Ian Young said that theinstitute would call on the government to create parity for tax advisers withlawyers, who have legal professional privilege, if the courts fail to create abalance.

LPP is a common law right determined by the courts?and is a logical place tomount the arguments. But if the judgment of [the courts] is that there's nodifference to be drawn between what accountants do and what lawyers do, and ifLPP is a fundamental human right but some are denied it, then that's a travestyof the law and a strong argument for the government to feel minded to interveneif the courts can't address that balance," said Young.

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