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    Default P6 June 2012 ACCA Exam Tips

    Use the Exam Tips below as important areas to cover but remember that no one knows what can come in your P6 June 2012 ACCA Exams, apart from Rory Fish (P6 examiner for June 2012 ACCA Exams). Your safest bet is to achieve good syllabus coverage in your revision, as the examiner usually does in recent diets of P6 Advanced Taxation Exams.

    First Intuition June 2012 Hot Topics

    Pension planning.
    Overseas property profits.
    Company purchase of own shares.
    CGT re-constructions/takeover.
    IHT for domiciliary and non-doms.
    Penalties for errors, late returns.

    LSBF Tips June 2012

    IHT with the death estate including BPR, APR and valuation rules.
    Overseas aspects of corporation tax including controlled foreign companies.
    Rules for personal service companies.
    Remittance basis for taxing overseas income and capital gains.
    Pensions, and the rules relating to ensuring that the amount invested in the pension plan give the taxpayer relief at the highest possible rate.
    Self assessment for individuals, consequences of filing the tax return late and paying the balancing payment late.
    Partial exemption for VAT, opting to tax a building, electronic filing of the VAT return, flat rate scheme and the capital goods scheme.
    Ethics and tax evasion/tax avoidance.

    Best of luck with the exams

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    Kaplan P6 ACCA Exam Tips June 2012

    Corporation tax

    Group relief tax planning; consortium relief, trading losses
    Overseas aspects: branch vs sub / CFCs / transfer pricing
    Acquisition of subsid /pre entry capital losses and trading losses
    Quarterly payments for large companies
    Close companies

    Capital gains
    Reliefs: Rollover, holdover, gift, PPR and letting
    Capital gains groups: NGNL and rollover relief
    Company: sale of shares vs assets / SSE / degrouping charges

    Inheritance tax

    Lifetime gifts
    Valuation of shares
    Deed of variation
    Death estate computation
    Business property relief

    Income tax
    Sole traders opening year rules, trading losses
    Self assessment admin: payment by instalment, new penalty regime
    Overseas aspects for employees working abroad
    Income tax comps at marginal rates, possible overseas income
    Benefits: car, accommodation
    Redundancy payments
    Share incentive plans

    Personal financial planning
    EIS / VCTs


    Partial exemption
    Land and buildings

    Lease vs. buy assets: net cost
    Company purchase of own shares
    Personal service companies
    IHT vs CGT for gifts
    Stamp duty and SDLT


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