Here the Exam Tips by Kaplan and LSBF for P6

[SHOWTOGROUPS=17]Kaplan P6 Tips:

Capital allowances: new rules for cars
Capital Gains: incorporation relief
Inheritance Tax: business property relief
Benefits: share option schemes;
Personal financial planning - ISAs

LSBF P6 Important Topics:

IHT with the death estate including BPR and valuation rules. Transfer of unused nil rate band between spouses and gifts with reservation. Changing the will after a person is dead.
Extended relief for companies carrying back trading losses.
Incorporation of a sole trader/ partnership business
Mergers, takeovers, reorganisations.
Employment income - share options, share incentive plans and taxable and tax free benefits
A person setting up a business making losses and deciding whether to run the business as a sole trader/partnership or company.
Partnership - with wife being employed or being introduced as a partner
Partial exemption for VAT.
Purchase of own shares by a company.
Personal service companies.