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    Default How to Apply for ACCA MBA Scholarship

    How to Apply for ACCA MBA Scholarship

    You will need to complete an MBA scholarship application form. The form should be type-written or hand-written legibly in black ink using BLOCK CAPITALS.
    As part of the application procedure please include the following with your form:

    • an up-to-date CV which briefly summarises your work experience, academic history, community activities and interests
    • a personal statement (maximum 1000 words) explaining how you represent ACCA's core values, determination to complete the course, how you will find the time to study and describing the positive contribution you believe the MBA will make to your career, the accounting profession and the community in which you live
    • provide the name and address of two contacts who have agreed to act as your referees. At least one of these should be your current employer or be able to comment on your ability in the workplace.

    The above items should be submitted together with your application form(download link is in the next post) to:

    Learning Partnerships Department
    29 Lincoln's Inn Fields
    London WC2A 3EE UK
    What is the deadline for applications?

    Deadline for submission Course start date 28 February 2010 July 2010 or January 2011 28 February 2011 July 2011 or January 2012
    You will receive an e-mail acknowledging receipt of your application within two weeks of the closing date. Any scholarship applications received after the closing date will be automatically deferred for consideration in the following round for the MBA Scholarship award. Future MBA Scholarship submission dates will be advertised on ACCA's website.
    What happens next?

    If your application meets the scholarship criteria, the MBA Scholarship Committee will consider your application for the MBA scholarship, based on the information you have provided, together with your ACCA examination result transcript. The Committee is made up of ACCA's executive director of learning and customer service, director of education and professional development, head of learning partnerships and the MBA programme director.

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    ACCA MBA Scholarship Form

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