I NOTED with great interest the appointment of Nick Sanderson to FD at Great Portland Estates (GPE).

He is set to join from Deloitte, where he has served in real estate corporate finance since 2010.

Sanderson's appointment was hailed by Martin Scicluna, former Deloitte chairman between 1995 and 2007, who's currently GPE's chairman.

GPE is audited by Deloitte.

Now, Sanderson and Scicluna weren't at Deloitte at the same time. Sanderson hasn't worked on GPE's account while at the firm.

As GPE's spokesman said to me he's the best candidate for the role and the fact he's from Deloitte is "a coincidence". There are no corporate governance issues, he pointed out several times.

I appreciate the spokesman's points. But, from the outside, I can't help but feel that it just looks...close.

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