KPMG HAS BEEN HONOURED for its commitment to sustainability.

The firm's was given the Sustainability Project of the year gong by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors for its Canary Wharf headquarters.

Saba Nayab, London RICS Awards judge, said: "Within this huge, user-friendly building the concept of protecting the environment clearly remains paramount."

The building has several environmental aspects including; flushes using recycled shower and hand basin water; a gas fired generator - with lower emissions than mains electricity -waste heat is reused for heating and cooling the building; and minimal lights are used during daylight hours.

The firm's sustainability assurance service was also given the thumbs-up this week by environmental research business Carbon Smart.

The business published a report, "Stuck on the blocks" which looked at environmental assurance in the FTSE 350. KPMG was ranked higher than any other assurance provider with three of its clients, Vodafone, BHP Billiton and Associated British Foods, coming top of the list as having the best sustainability disclosures.

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