DOES THE accountancy profession really embrace social mobility?

ACCA seems to think so.

A new report, Climbing the ladder: ACCA and social mobility, finds that skills training for 16+ers will be the key for attaining gainful employment and driving the economy.

The government should also deal with the perception gap between academic and other types of qualifications.

That's hard to argue with. There's no doubt that the accountancy profession admirably provides multiple routes to entry into firms, business and the public sector.

But to suggest accountancy is a virtuous and pure meritocracy is pushing it, to say the least.

The glass ceiling is still firmly in place, despite efforts to chip through it by the likes of PwC with its new 'comply or explain' regime.

The middle-aged, middle-class, white male still dominates the upper echelons of most firms.

So let's bear that in mind for balance's sake, alongside the profession's ability to enable wide access for the most apt young'uns.

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