Kevin Reed, Accountancy Age, Friday 10 September 2010 at 12:59:00

Insolvency Service bans Exeter accountant Bill White from acting as a director

Exeter accountant Bill White and his partner have been banned from acting as company directors and insolvency practitioners, after an Insolvency Service exposed negligent accounting and "grossly inaccurate" VAT returns in their company records.

White and Jayne Thompson, also his business partner, were disqualified for eight years and six years respectively.

The official receiver, acting on behalf of the Insolvency Service, found that their company, Rosswell Associates Limited, owed debts of 213,685 when it went into liquidation with no assets.

Disqualifications were sought as they failed to deliver company accounts to the receiver; available records indicated at least 24,430 was owed to Rosswell with a potential of 165,104 in un-invoiced work. Inaccurate VAT returns enabled Rosswell to receive rebates totaling 39,940 fro HM Revenue & Customs.

"The fact that Mr White and Mrs Thompson have agreed to these disqualification undertakings should offer the public reassurance. The Insolvency Service has robust powers and we will not hesitate to use them to remove dishonest, reckless and irresponsible people from the business environment," said assistant official receiver for Exeter James Pales.

There was also difficulty in distinguishing the trading of Rosswell with White's accountancy firm W White & Co, as records showed purchases from from the firm were included in Rosswell's VAT returns.

The disqualification undertakings were accepted on 1 September.