Kevin Reed, Accountancy Age, Thursday 26 August 2010 at 09:57:00

WTP Advisors takes on Hopkins Consulting on board to launch in the UK

UK firm Hopkins Consulting has become part of US tax and advisory businessWTP Advisors.

The move gives what WTP believes is a foot in the door to compete forinternational business. Existing clients with international operations tend toengage the big Four for tax and accounting needs abroad.

"They do this for convenience, because the big four can provide globalcoverage," said Ian Boccaccio, co-founder and principal of WTP Advisors. "However, we hear that some clients are dissatisfied with the cost and quality ofthe product they receive so we want to provide a WTP alternative to theseclients for their international needs, much in the way we market an attractivealternative in the United States."

Simon Hopkins, CEO and founder of Hopkins Consulting, said he was thrilledthe firm was part of WTP Advisors.

"WTP's expansion reflects its rapid success in this space, and supports thephilosophy that people prefer a hands-on approach that emphasizes practicaladvice based on technical detail," said Hopkins.

Hopkins began the consultancy after working for more than a decade with Ernst& Young.