Kevin Reed, Accountancy Age, Tuesday 20 July 2010 at 08:49:00

Bentley Jennison and Vantis integrations on time, says RSM Tenon

Year-end results for RSMTenon will be in line with expectations, the firm said in a tradingstatement to the markets this morning.

Recovery services have continued to grow and increasing market share, thefirm said in its statement.

Integration of RSM Bentley Jennison "continues to meet planned timetables",RSM Tenon said, for the first half of 2010/2011, and has been coordinated withwits acquisition of Vantis units.

"Our transactions during the 2009/10 year will be integrated to make strongorganic progress in future periods. The business is growth-orientated for alleconomic circumstances," said chief executive Andy Raynor.

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