Kevin Reed, Accountancy Age, Wednesday 14 July 2010 at 09:49:00

Begbies Traynor launches BRITE - a panel of 120 staff to provide interimturnaround help

A panel of 120 Begbies' professional staff has been formed to provide interimboard members for struggling businesses.

KnownasBRITE, the panel features 120 staff from London, the south-east andthe regions. They will provide interim executive support to businesses inturnaround situations.

The professionals come from a wide range of backgrounds in terms ofexperience, but there is a focus on automotive; retail, healthcare, airlines andtravel; sport and leisure; and construction.

"In a restructuring situation, speciality executives with operationalexperience of working with distressed companies can be vital in turning abusiness around. We will be able to offer companies high-calibre directors withmany years? direct experience of company turnaround situations," BTGrestructuring partner Nigel Atkinson.

The firm hopes that banks and private equity investors will draft in panelmembers without paying the usual commission rates charged by agencies forinterim turnaround managers.

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