From 16 August 2009, the exam and exemptions fees for the ACCA Qualification has been increased. These fees will apply to all students who register with ACCA after the closing date of 15 August and to all students entering for the December 2009 exams.

New fees
Papers F1-F3 53
Papers F4-F9 66
Papers P1-P7 78

Students who registered for the ACCA Qualification before 15 August and have submitted requests for exemptions will still pay the existing exemption fees:

Papers F1-F3 50
Papers F4-F9 60

Why is ACCA increasing fees?
The demand for the ACCA Qualification continues to grow and more students are sitting exams in more locations than ever before. Consequently, the costs we incur in running our exams continue to increase.

In addition, to maintain the rigour and reputation of our exams, we are continuing to invest in the latest technologies in exam assessment and delivery to ensure our exams continue to be administered in an efficient and secure manner.

Below is table showing the change