Hi I am I going to graduate this summer..recently I am doing my Bachelor abroad and I'm not Malaysian..but I am thinking of doing ACCA instead of Master as it is claimed to be equivalent in Malaysia..as I am here I can't come to see the places myself but through the web and stuff..so still a bit confused. As far as I know Sunway is said to be the best place but expensive at the same time and very business oriented..I agree partly as they charge more for international students and recently they send me the fees with the sum goes up to MYR 35k @@..on the other hand I also went to FTMS as it is famous in my country..the fees for the whole course is like MYR 10k
So should I choose FTMS or Sunway ?
These are the two places that are on top of my head right now although I also looked at the others like Kasturi or Orange College or TARC, etc but don't know much about them
I would love it to hear any advice from you about this..thanks loads xxx