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    I am becoming really frustrated with this forum.

    Has this been created to help us or for us to waste time making irrelevant posts to try and get some useful information?

    We are students in desparate need for some help....particularly those of us who do not have the chance to attend classes through work programmes or the money to afford them.

    All I want is some tips.....perhaps if you helped us here...then more people would actually use this forum in a more appropriate manner rather than a way to increase their posts for something so important to us...and utterly trivial to you.

    I am really annoyed that I have spend much time here...which could have been better spent revising.

    I cannot explain how dissapointed I am by this site.


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    Dear Hasi,

    For those who were a member (active one) amd contributed to this forum by way of helping or posting useful posts enjoy the benefit of seeeing the tips free.

    Others who are new and want to have everything are not as lucky as old and active ones.

    I am sure that in June 2009 you shall come with more useful posts and enjoy the benefit, My main aim is to keep the forum active.

    As far as posts are concerned I do have a strict eye on each and every post made and I along with my team of mods keep them away from these forums.

    We do have to ban few who are a mischief.

    I would like to reiterate that this Forum is to help all members but members should also be contributing by way of usefulposts.

    I hope that your dissapointment level have decreased a litlle down if not waived alltogether.

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    Default help

    i can't view the tips


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