ACCA and examinablility of Revised IAS 1
ACCA operates a six month rule in its examinations based on issue date, whereby accounting standards will not be examined until six months have passed from their date of issue. Therefore the revised IAS 1 falls to be examined from the June 2008 examinations.

How will this affect ACCA’s F3 examination?

The ACCA have issued the following guidance.
  1. ‘Balance Sheet’ will be ‘Statement of Financial Position’ from the June 2008 examination sitting onwards.
  2. ‘Cash Flow Statement’ will be ‘Statement of Cash Flows’ from the June 2008 examination sitting onwards.
  3. Another amendment made by the standard is to require the presentation of ‘other comprehensive income’ items, such as revaluation gains and losses, and actuarial gains and losses, as well as the usual income statement items on the face of the primary financial statements. IAS 1 allows this information to be presented in one ‘Statement of Comprehensive Income’ or in two separate statements; an ‘Income Statement’ and a ‘Statement of Comprehensive Income’.
  4. In the examinations, if a ‘Statement of Comprehensive Income’ is referred to, this will always relate to the single statement format If ‘Income Statements’ are referred to, this relates to the statement from ‘Revenue’ to ‘Profit for the year’.
  5. Examinations may also refer to ‘Other Comprehensive Income’ which relates to the Other Comprehensive Income section of the Statement of Comprehensive Income.
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