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  1. PKF warns secret Swiss account holders not to hide
  2. Taxman reveals sacking figures
  3. Tax deferral agreements fall
  4. Common EU tax base proposals out next year
  5. 10bn haul likely from Swiss accounts
  6. Swiss deal drives taxpayers to Lichtenstein amnesty
  7. Tax powers could transfer to the EU
  8. CSR: Cash-Strapped Revenue may use more amnesties
  9. UK and Switzerland in offshore tax talks
  10. Taxman to scrap Sunday hotlines
  11. Four new recruits for tax simplification team
  12. Concerns raised about bank levy double taxation
  13. Spending review round up
  14. Spending Review: HMRC cuts outlined
  15. Analysis: Can advisers win legal privilege?
  16. US business seeks repatriation tax concession
  17. HMRC issues self-assessment deadline warning
  18. Video: HMRC takes tough line on overseas account holders
  19. EU beefs up anti-VAT fraud efforts
  20. Widespread relief after measured pensions tax reforms unveiled
  21. VAT increase as costly to businesses as earlier decrease
  22. ICAEW: Legal privilege rules "unsustainable"
  23. PAYE chief received triple pay
  24. Roffe Swayne boosts team with two appointments
  25. Toni Braxton files for bankruptcy in the US
  26. Personal allowance rise will see another 230,000 families lose child benefit
  27. EC hits banks with tax crackdown endorsement
  28. Tax evasion: Good cop, bad COP9
  29. Analysis: Will the UK scrap the tax cap?
  30. Tax concession to soften child benefit blow
  31. Osborne steps back from Lib Dem stance on avoidance
  32. Child benefit cut piles pressure on HMRC
  33. Chiene + Tait announce key tax promotions
  34. EC hits UK with tax repayment ultimatum
  35. Devine appointment in Deloitte's transfer pricing team
  36. Tax return deadline looming warns Grant Thornton
  37. RBS chief Stephen Hester says banks should pay higher taxes
  38. Video: PAYE scandal sparks HMRC crisis
  39. Wolseley tax shift will cost 6m
  40. Arsenal boosted by 15m tax swing
  41. Ian Fleming appointed Taxand's global transaction chief
  42. Snall businesses only have a week left to use 200m relief pot
  43. Mark Hoban says CFC reform is coming closer
  44. Clegg fires second bonus tax warning at bankers
  45. Wealthy people fail to realise charities' tax rules
  46. Penman joins PKF from S&W
  47. Lib Dems launch avoidance crack down
  48. Tax gap widens to 42bn: HMRC
  49. RSM Tenon appoints Paul Belsman as tax chief
  50. HMRC rejects "dysfunctional" slur from MPs after PAYE blunders
  51. Dave Hartnett makes PAYE apology
  52. Government proposes ?real time? changes to PAYE payments
  53. News round-up 9 September 2010
  54. Think tank urges HMRC modernisation to aid charities
  55. PAYE problems to last six months
  56. Editorial roundup: Reform must follow PAYE overpayment fiasco
  57. Osborne to can pre-Budget report
  58. Tax inspector writes book about his career
  59. Darling admits bank bonus tax ?failed?
  60. Video: Is HMRC too tough on overseas sports stars?
  61. Business giants gearing up for CIoT summit
  62. KPMG tax shelter convictions upheld in the US
  63. Only 4 weeks left to influence PAYE consultation, HMRC says
  64. Tax relief vital for a simple pension regime: Hargreaves Lansdown
  65. Tough US tax proposals could cost British companies millions
  66. HMRC's loses inheritance tax appeal against Earl of Balfour
  67. Guidance issued for gay, lesbian and transgender taxpayers
  68. Judges halve M&S 433,000 costs against HM Revenue & Customs
  69. Reverse VAT introduced on carbon trading
  70. Taxman's new amnesties pull in 89m: McGrigors
  71. General tax avoidance rule discussions begin
  72. Video: HMRC fails to block Portsmouth CVA proposal
  73. Gaines-Cooper wins right to residency appeal
  74. Overseas sports stars call for level playing field on tax
  75. Park uses Fleming defence to win 1.9m tax rebate
  76. RSM Tenon spearheads talks on overseas sports star tax
  77. Liechtenstein amnesty users top 700 says taxman
  78. Hong Kong and Liechtenstein sign double taxation treaty
  79. HMRC shuts down 180 websites fake tax rebate websites
  80. Trial date set for Italy?s most serious tax fraud case
  81. HMRC arrests five men over VAT fraud
  82. Taxman writing to 600 offshore account holders
  83. HMRC considers Time to Pay data secrecy
  84. Personal insolvency stats take first drop since 2008
  85. HMRC sting sees 500K tax scammer jailed
  86. London & Stamford converts to REIT
  87. Ladbrokes tax flutter rakes in 340m from HMRC
  88. ICAEW prepared to lobby government for legal professional privilege
  89. Students being stung on emergency tax
  90. Illegal dividends prompts tax investigations
  91. Osborne to discuss Vodafone row with Indian authorities
  92. Taxman farms out debt collection in 140m chase
  93. BP chasing $10bn tax credit
  94. Only 419 register for Liechtenstein amnesty: McGrigors
  95. Pensions tax talks welcomed by advisers
  96. Controlled foreign companies talks kick off
  97. William Hill driven offshore by tax
  98. Business insolvencies to surge from public sector cutbacks
  99. Vodafone settles marathon case with taxman for 1.25bn
  100. Health tax amnesty extended - with harsher terms
  101. Sheffield Wednesday faces winding up order over tax bill
  102. Only 1,500 declare under health tax amnesty
  103. Video: Legal privilege for accountants
  104. Protecting the privilege
  105. Overpaid tax could run to 3bn
  106. Bonus tax costs Goldman Sachs $600m
  107. Treasury calls in John Whiting to simplify tax
  108. Legal privilege a "unique status" for lawyers' clients
  109. $500m bank bonus tax bill for JP Morgan chase
  110. HMRC releases bank levy consultation
  111. No distinction between accountants or solicitors on tax advice
  112. Bankers facing new tax hit on profits and pay
  113. Jersey considering income tax hike to 30%
  114. Usain Bolt in dash from the taxman
  115. "Dash for Cash" policy sees HMRC favour negotiation over litigation
  116. Taxman rakes in 92.3m haul from carousel fraud victory
  117. Profession calls for safeguards as HMRC guns for court costs
  118. Lord Ashcroft abandons non-dom status to keep Lords seat
  119. German finance chief to renew calls for bank levy
  120. Businesses struggling to keep up with Time to Pay tax debt
  121. Campaigners pan tax helpline cuts
  122. Self assessment fraudsters jailed for 42 years
  123. Tax denting UK's top city status: CBI/KPMG survey
  124. Accountant jailed for 11m tax dodge
  125. Budget clamps down on retirement scheme tax avoidance
  126. $19bn banks tax looms in the US
  127. Currys boss not worried about VAT hike
  128. Preston North End tackled by taxman
  129. Emergency Budget: What the papers say
  130. Smith & Williamson raise inheritance tax red flag on holiday lets
  131. Emergency Budget: The problems with GAAR
  132. Osborne: Budget will be harshest for 30 years
  133. Holiday home VAT exemption boost for private builders
  134. Departing R3 head warns HMRC's Time to Pay is abused
  135. Swiss government agrees deal to hand UBS details to the US
  136. Lord Sugar sour on capital gains tax
  137. MPs clash on accountants' role in tax avoidance
  138. CGT avoidance costing the Treasury 1bn a year, says Cameron
  139. Gibraltar completes tax regime overhaul
  140. Tesco FD warns against VAT rise
  141. 12:30pm Budget decision imminent
  142. Northern Ireland needs 12.5% tax says media chief
  143. HMRC chief awarded Dame in Queen's Honours
  144. 17,000 sign up to CGT petition
  145. David Miliband supports an increase in Scottish tax powers
  146. Corporation tax cut will be staggered
  147. HMRC on the attack
  148. Advisers fear being caught in Liechtenstein tax net
  149. Swiss veto UBS accounts handover
  150. Baroness Noakes insists CGT rise unwanted
  151. CIoT calls for tax law overhaul
  152. Cameron makes CGT climbdown
  153. Tough times set to continue, admits HMRC boss
  154. Kingfisher chief calls for smarter VAT increase
  155. Brazil and Indonesia win OECD tax backing
  156. Clegg signals backtracking on CGT
  157. Breaking news: HMRC tackles Premier League football creditor rule
  158. Care home residents could be caught in CGT trap
  159. Up to 100,000 overpaid tax, admits HMRC
  160. New chief secretary defends lack of CGT payout on his home
  161. HMRC makes tax credit gaffe
  162. CGT reform comes under Redwood attack
  163. Christian Aid wants FTSE 100 to endorse transparency drive
  164. Rio Tinto fear global spread of mining tax
  165. Tax simplification high on Queen's Speech agenda
  166. EU wants bankers to stump up levy
  167. Advisers fear dark side of non-dom rules review
  168. Firms react to Lib-Con tax plans
  169. Merkel lines up transaction tax
  170. Taxed for being too tall
  171. Chancellor told tax development is 'deeply flawed'
  172. CIoT president slams UK's "flawed" tax framework
  173. CIoT sets up branch inside HMRC
  174. HMRC launches six toolkits to foil adviser error
  175. AATV: Top tax advisers discuss Con-Lib plans
  176. VAT hike to 20% expected by economists
  177. Biggest concerns over new HMRC powers not realised
  178. Investors seek sales to avoid CGT hike
  179. Mid-tier accountants call for tax clarity
  180. Tax compromises central to coalition plans
  181. Critchleys helps English Hockey net 300,000 VAT refund
  182. Lib Dems seek clarification from Tories on tax
  183. Rejection of time to pay requests doubles