P6 Exam Tips:
Corporation tax - Group relief / consortium relief - Capital gains groups: NGNL and rollover relief - Overseas aspects: branch vs sub / CFCs / transfer pricing - Acquisition of subsid /pre entry capital losses and trading losses - R&D - Close companies
Capital gains Reliefs: Rollover, holdover, gift, incorporation, PPR and letting - Overseas aspects
Inheritance tax - Lifetime gifts - Valuation of shares / related property - Deed of variation - New IHT rate for charitable legacies - Death estate computation - Business property relief Income tax - Sole traders closing year rules -

Income tax comps at marginal rates

- Benefits: car, accommodation - Share incentive plans - Overseas aspects Personal financial planning - EIS / seed EIS

VAT - Partial exemption - Land and buildings - Group VAT registration

Scenarios - Lease vs. buy assets: net cost - Incorporation - Company purchase of own shares - Personal service companies - IHT vs CGT for gifts

Stamp duty and SDLT