Your F9 mock exam

Sandy Hood outlines what he thinks will come up this June

PQ magazine is absolutely right. All exam candidates should study the whole of the F9 syllabus and recognise that the examiner is entitled and regularly draws on knowledge from the whole syllabus.

Lecturers who like to set mock exams for their classes donít have the opportunity to test everything, so must effectively guess. This is my suggested F9 exam for June 2013.

Question 1. Trade Payables and Receivables Management
a. Supplier early settlement discount evaluation
b. Maximum early settlement discount to offer customers
c. Measures to reduce the growth of working capital investment
d. Foreign exchange rate risk hedging methods

Question 2. Capital Investment Appraisal including
a. Equivalent Annual Value based comparisons
b. Probability analysis
c. Sensitivity analysis
d. Lease financing or a term loan for investment projects

Question 3. Sources of Finance including
a. The merits of different sources
b. Islamic finance
c. The role of financial intermediaries
d. SME difficulties and government attempts to address these difficulties
Question 4. Weighted Average Cost of Capital
a. Systematic risk and CAPM
b. Using a proxy beta to calculate the WACC for a project/an unquoted company
c. Interest rate risk management
d. Dividend policy

I am bound to be wrong, but this is my clear break down of the exam. Have a bit of fun after the exam trying to spot if any of my suggested topics actually appeared.

Best wishes to all F9 candidates, and study your entire syllabus.
Sandy Hood runs CIMA and ACCA courses and is based at Chichester College
Sandy Hood has written Management and Cost Accounting For Dummies, UK Edition which will be published on 19th July 2013
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