P7 Students : You must be knowing that the following are the "core" areas of P7 papers and should never be compromised while your are doing your exam preparation for June 2013 examinations:

1. Ethics
2. Acceptance decision / matters to be considered at the acceptance phase of audit
3. Risk assessment ( Risk of material misstatement / business risk / audit risk)
4. Planning matter ( matter to be considered in planning an audit / KOB for planning / use of AP as planning procedures)
5.Audit reporting ( critically evaluating the opinion given)
6. Audit procedures and matter over accounting matters
7. Specific areas : Due diligence/ PFI/ Forensic audit
8. Quality control ( normally comes as short filler in P7 and some time could be up to 10 marks.... be clear with hot review or engagement quality control review and its importance)

Please ensure you do sufficient exam practice in all the above areas , solving like 4-5 question ( minimum) in these areas to be very well prepared for P7.

Stay in touch for more update of P7 and how to prepare in each of the area above.
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