With exams just around the corner why not get some expert guidance from the examiners themselves? Watch these videos to get some in-depth insights into how to tackle these papers.

F1 Accountant in Business: http://bit.ly/192jFB3
F2 Management Accounting: http://bit.ly/10kkC2x
F3 Financial Accounting: F3 examiner's analysis interview | Resources for tuition providers | Tuition providers | ACCA | ACCA Global
F4 Corporate and Business Law: http://bit.ly/18vBZoP
F5 Performance Management: http://bit.ly/12ikAuU
F6 Taxation: http://bit.ly/12gg4hS
F7 Financial Reporting: http://bit.ly/ZJWYxD
F8 Audit and Assurance: http://bit.ly/ZJZnby
F9 Financial Management: http://bit.ly/ZRjbNE

P1 Governance, Risk & Ethics: http://bit.ly/15s3EIz
P2 Corporate Reporting: http://bit.ly/ZJZJ1Z
P3 Business Analysis: http://bit.ly/1462fCz
P4 Advanced Financial Management: http://bit.ly/16jlc9c
P5 Advanced Performance Management: http://bit.ly/10umKdW
P6 Advanced Taxation: http://bit.ly/11UWaHt
P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance: http://bit.ly/YHlzrz

Good luck though with these hints you might not need it!