Hi for those that are doing the papers above - I have maintained a blog to help students as much as possible. I believe in giving as much to all the students as possible - in return there is always a blessing from the almighty.

There are some notes and my discussion on the papers. I would usually put in pointers on what is possible and also where to focus for your preparation.

The links are:
F8 and P7 : Jay's Auditorium - ACCA P7, F8 and CAT T8
P1 : Jay's Governance, Risk and Ethics P1 ACCA
P2 :Jay's P2 ACCA Zone
P3 : Jay's P3 Business Analysis ACCA
P5 : Jay's ACCA P5 Advance Performance Management

There you have it - all the papers that I teach and would be able to support from now on. Those of you who are considering to come to Malaysia to study can seriously consider Inti Subang as a good alternative. International students can always get their visa and study in Malaysia affordable. Most of the applications are vetted by me so there should be no issues. Those interested in coming can visit the website : Apply Now | INTI International University