I have my ACCA P1 professional accountant exam coming up in a few weeks time. While I have a considerable amount of study done and think I am fairly on top of the subject I have a few reservations about the exam. My lecturer has emphasised over and over the need to make a certain number of points to answer each question and have a certain number of sentences on each point depending on the marks being awarded in order to gain the marks. To do this he has emphasised the importance of the verb in the question. For example in a part of a question for 10 marks where the verb is "criticise" or "evaluate" it is necessary to make 10 points @ 4 sentences a piece. He also stessed that it is important in general to not have much more than 10 words per sentence.

While this may suit some people it will definately not suit my writing style. Limiting a sentence to 10 words each will be very tricky for me. And while I am generally ok at generating ideas the time will really come against me and I reckon my answers are going to be very sloppy as a result.

Is there a real importance in sticking to the format required? While I may be able to generate the 10 points and come close to the 400 words in the 18 minutes one should be allocating to the above I think i may only end up with 25 sentences perhaps. Will such an approcah go badly against me?