Exam timetable for December 2009

CBEs will continue to be available throughout the year at ACCA licensed centres. The paper-based exams will also continue to be offered in June and December over an ten-day period, with one session of exams each day. Therefore it is not possible to sit exams that are held on the same day eg you cannot sit Paper F6, Taxation with Paper P6, Advanced Taxation.

Exam timetable for ACCA Exams

07 December 2009 (Mon) F6 Taxation / P6 Advanced Taxation
08 December 2009(Tue) F4 Corporate and Business Law / P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance
09 December 2009 F3 Financial Accounting / F8 Audit and Assurance
December 2009 F9 Financial Management / P4 Advanced Financial Management
December 2009 F2 Management Accounting / P5 Advanced Performance Management
12 December 2009 (Sat) No Paper
13 December 2009 (Sun) No Paper

14 December 2009(Mon) F5 Performance Management / P1 Professional Accountant
15 December 2009 (Tue) F7 Financial Reporting / P2 Corporate Reporting
December 2009 (Wed) F1 Accountant in Business / P3 Business Analysis